Here are 10 Facebook groups you should join now to grow your blog and business

Whether this is the beginning of your blogging or business journey, or if you’ve been doing it for a while, joining Facebook groups is a great way to grow your business. And it is free, which is an added bonus!

Finding ways to constantly be connecting with others any way possible is crucial to your business. Regardless of what phase of  growing your business, you always need traffic. And making new connections is beneficial for so many reasons!  Some reasons are:

  • To grow your email list.
  • To mutually share content to drive traffic to eachothers sites.
  • To learn from one another.
  • To network and grow relationships.
  • Accountability.

Group etiquette

It is important that you do your due dilgence and read the guidelines upon joining each group.

Some groups allow for daily promoting, whereas others have it set for certain days. Then some categorize promoting in threads or specific posts. Each group will be ran a bit differently so it is important to comply by the Admin’s rules, or you can expect to get the boot if your going against the guidelines persists.

Finding quality groups

The trick is finding quality groups to partner with that are active and not stagnant. And you don’t want to go crazy and join hundreds of groups because you want to make a point to be genuine and genuinely make connections and be interactive in these groups. And you can’t do that if you are in hundreds of groups because that just isn’t manageable… Unless if you have some sort of superpower that I need to know about.

I can say by personal experience how beneficial these ten groups have been for my growth. So I have compiled a list for you with clickable links that you can download quickly and access these Facebook groups by signing up here!

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