These 3 strategies will get your Instagram content seen among the first of your Instagram followers

Do you ever wonder how people on Instagram are getting so many likes, comments and so much more engagement than what you are?

I’ve been using Instagram for several years now for my business and branding, and I’ve studied and tested to see what is most the effective approach. And the Instagram platform has changing and evolving frequently, I know how frustrating it can be to have to wonder where you should be putting your energy. And that is why I have written this post to help you to be seen more, and to know that your efforts aren’t going to waste.


1. Post engaging content on Instagram


When you get creative and post engaging content that encourages your followers to comment, like, vote, etc. it tells the Instagram algorithms that your followers like your content and that you two have a relationship. And as a result, Instagram will shove your content in their feed among the first of their other followers.

Here are some creative ways to encourage more engagement on Instagram:

  • Use your stories to create a poll.
  •  Take a picture of your dinner ingredients laid out and ask your followers if they can guess what you’re making for dinner that night. (I suggest using your stories because when they reply it goes to your inbox and that is the number one place you want your followers engaging with you for really optimizing your results.)
  • Post a picture that says “double tap to heart if you love _______” (Get creative with this.)
  • Create a post introducing yourself, listing your hobbies, career, where you’re from, etc. and ask your followers to share more about them in return and ask them to tell you if you two have anything in common.
  • Ask more questions in your stories and posts.
  • Request information from your followers.

2. Engage with your followers in return


Now, not only is it important to create engaging posts to prompt your followers to interact, but you need to be doing the same. The algorithms on Instagram want to see that you have a genuine relationship. So by doing more commenting and liking yourself on your followers content, you will indicate to the algorithms that you have a relationship.

Also make sure that your approach is genuine. The algorithms can tell how long you hover over a post and if you truly read it or not. So take the time to genuinely read the content prior to commenting.

3. Network with Instagram users


You can search for others on Instagram that have established networking/support pages (also known as comment pods.) that are within your niche. These pages are similar to blogger support groups and other support groups, only on Instagram. And the purpose of them is to support one another and to comment on each others posts as soon as they are seen. This will not only benefit your engagement on Instagram, but the other persons as well. And if you can’t find a comment pod page within your niche, then feel free to start your own!

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Instagram engagement

The best thing you can do is make a frequent appearance on Instagram. By alloting a few minutes before sharing new content, I suggest being intentional and commenting on your followers posts prior to making your new post which I find will help boost your engagment.

Also, clean up your profile. There are several apps out there for this. The one I really like is called Cleaner. I like it because with the free version, you are still able to unfollow quite a bit in one setting. First I will unfollow 50 people that are not following me in return, and then I can turn around and do that again and again.

Ashley Aylor

Here is the Cleaner app.

It is always a good idea to get in the habit of keeping your profile cleaned up and to unfollow the accounts that are no longer following you in return. For one, it appeals to the public eye when you have more people that follow you than you follow in return, and it just frees up wasted space with 7500 people being the maximum amount that you can follow on Instagram.


If Instagram is too much to take in for you then I suggest considering hiring out someone if building a brand is important to you. Right now Instagram is the place to be and it is ever growing. I have an Instagram Done For You service that I offer, but the space is limited. If that is something of interest to you then you can view the details here. 


And for more tips to increase your engagement you can checkout one of my recent blog posts here.


I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below along with any other tips that have helped you!

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