These 3 things could be hindering your success and you most likely don’t even realize you’re doing it.

As a ladypreneur, I think it is safe to say you’re an over achiever… Are you like me and constantly thinking of innovative ideas or ways to improve or grow your business, or staying awake at night with your head swarming with new ideas or unfinished business… Does this sound familiar?

And where those things aren’t necessarily bad qualities or abnormal, you may be doing things you don’t even realize that are totally killing your business. And that is why I am writing this post to address them so that they can be squashed!

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

First let me say that comparison is the thief of joy! And I know that it is so easy to get trapped in the comparison game. Wondering what is SHE doing that you aren’t? Or maybe why is SHE having so much success and you feel like you are working harder, or doing the same things that she is, but you aren’t reaping the same results.

Can we both agree that this is not healthy? And to be totally honest, you don’t know if she is on chapter 11 of her journey, while you may be on chapter 2. We don’t know her past or the expertise she entered the industry with. And by comparing yourself, it is completely killing your confidence and trickling down to your full performance. It is draining you quite frankly, and that is a biz kill!

And it is likely that you are comparing yourself to others without even realizing you are doing it. And then you start feeling really crappy about yourself and down.

So, how can we put this to an end? You have got to be more intentional with your thoughts. And this is a process of reprogramming your thoughts and taking thoughts captive. So, moving forward I want you to commit to this simple activity. Every time you catch yourself comparing yourself or feeding yourself lies and self sabatoging yourself, I want you to replace those thoughts with truths and speak them over yourself aloud. Even if you do not believe it, you eventually will. And it is all part of reprogramming your beliefs about yourself. So as an example, if you catch yourself comparing and saying things like “she is just a better speaker than me.” I want you to take that thought captive and speak out loud affirmations. Things like “I am a great speaker, I am confident, I am worthy, the people who are meant to receive a message from me and cross paths with me are receptive to my message & love what I have to say.”

I know this won’t come natural in the beginning but you need to get in the habit of speaking life over yourself and I promise you, as a result, you will begin to see things shift in your mind, business and in your life.

2. Working without setting boundaries

It can be so easy to put in 12, 14, 16 hour days as an entrepreneur, but there has got to be boundaries set in place. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure because you are setting yourself up for burnout. And yes, I get it. There are days that stuff just has to get done and you find yourself putting in extra hours. But to do that each and every day is a sure way to crash and burn.

For me personally, I used to do this. And I would neglect family time and even self-care. I would skip the gym, I would be on my phone and laptop and talking to clients while I was supposed to be having family time and watching a movie, I would have my phone out at the dinner table or while we were eating in a restaurant. And it just led to more stress because I was working myself to death. And it was causing tension in my family as a result… Sound familiar?

But I finally reached a breaking point where I said enough is enough. And I will be the first to tell you, I am not perfect and I am still a work-a-holic. But, I am getting better and better at setting boundaries for myself, my family and for my business, because I realized I needed to do things that fill my cup up outside of business to be my very best for myself and for my family.

Here are some boundary setting tips:

  • Wake up a little earlier each day to take time to set the tone of your day – Grab a book, your bible, meditate or do some type of self-development. And truly allot this time for just that. Don’t check your texts, emails, social media, etc. until this has been completed.
  • Workout – I find that I am the most creative and feel the least stressed when I am in a regular routine of working out and getting my blood pumping, and endorphins releasing.
  • Say no more – I know this is a hard one, but if it doesn’t fit in your schedule or it adds more harm and stress than good, then say no. Let’s put an end to people pleasing.
  • Put the devices away – Take an hour or two out of your evening to shut the phones and games off to have family time.
  • Work with a calendar – Don’t work aimlessly. You are a professional so work with a calendar as a professional would.

3. Lighten the load

I will be the first to admit that for the longest time I thought I was superwoman and that I could learn it all and do it all. But lets be real, there is no real potential to scale your business if you are wasting time trying to master things that overwhelm you and take up your entire day.

When I finally learned about the power of outsourcing it was the biggest breakthrough. You can hire virtual assistants or other freelancers for an extremely afordable price as or if you need services completed for you that you either A.) Don’t know how to do yourself or B.) Don’t have the time to waste. Then you can also go to and for like $5 have graphics, logos and other services done for you.

So instead of adding more to your plate, hire out services so that you can dedicate to your business doing the things that you are really good at to fully scale it!

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I hope you found value reading this post. I would love to hear your feedback or for you to comment things that have helped you within your business and shifts you had to make, or even your take aways below!

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