5 ways to increase your Instagram engagement and followers

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could open up your Instagram to find hundreds of likes, follows and your engagement organically increasing? I know that technology and social media is rapidly changing with algorithms, format, settings and everything else, and it can get frustrating and overwhelming trying to keep up with it. So, that is why I decided to create this post to help you with simple steps you can begin implementing today that will almost instantly get you results.

1. Get clear on your brand

It is best to pick 3-5 topics that express you, your values, and your brand. And by keeping it limited you are more likely to retain targeted, quality followers.

When your Instagram posts and stories are all over the place, it is very difficult to capture and retain a following because your followers want consistency. They don’t want to be following a foodie page one day and then something completely opposite like a marriage counselor the next day. (These may be poor examples but I think you catch my drift.) If you want to really leverage the Instagram platform then pick your niche and limit it to a few categories and stick to it.

2. Create a captivating bio

First impression is everything. If someone lands on your page, you have just a few seconds to grasp their attention, so you want it to be captivating!

Currently your bio can be found through using #hashtags so I highly suggest keeping your bio to bullet points using intentional #hashtags when creating your bullet point bio. Then a tagline that coincides within your brand.

Another suggestion is that, when you’re writing your bullet points, keep it on one line and just separate the bullet points with emoji’s, hashtags, or however you prefer. And the reason being, is because Instagram currently only shows the first line and a half to your viewers, and if they want to see the rest of your bio, they have to click ‘read more’. So to take full advantage of having the best and most captivating bio, you want to take advantage of getting the most exposure possible.


3. Enter your location

This is huge! Just by simply entering your location on your stories and posts, your viewers are increased by 79% by locals! YES, 79% with this simple strategy!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “What if a creeper sees my post and finds out where I am or where I live?!” Well, think strategically! I have a lot of followers and what I do is I wait until after I have left to make the post if I use the exact location, OR you can just enter in a location in proximity. It does not have to be your EXACT location to have the same results. It just has to be a location in your surrounding area.

4. Hashtags on your Instagram posts & stories

Don’t let this simple tool go to waste! You can use up to 30 #hashtags on each post… So, use them! But use them wisely. Do some market research and find the hip #hashtags to use for your niche and post.

And use #hashtags on your stories as well for increased engagement!

#hashtags are what is going to throw your content out to thousands upon thousands of viewers FOR FREE, so use them! (And make sure your profile is set on public otherwise your #hashtags are going to waste because your content will not get shoved out publicly if your profile is on private.)

5. Post savable posts

The way that the algorithms are setup is Instagram wants to see that your followers are engaging, and that they care to see your content. So when you create a post or story that is saveable, for example, a recipe that someone wants to make later, or a new workout move that someone wants to try later, it is showing Instagram that these followers want to see more of your content because they are finding value in it enough to save it.

So, then what happens and what is the perk in that? Simply put… Your stories, posts, etc. will be among the first they see when they open Instagram because they have indicated to the Instagram algorithms that they want to see more of your content.

So think strategically and create more posts that people will want to save to have the ability to view later.

Consistency is key on Instagram

Consistency is the biggest factor on Instagram. The more content you put out there, naturally the more engagement and viewers you will have.

And by simply implementing these 5 strategies on Instagram, you will see an increase in engagement and followers almost immediately.

But maybe Instagram is still over your head or it isn’t your cup of tea?

It is still a huge platform to take advantage of, especially if you are wanting you and your brand to be seen. So, I suggest taking advantage of it because it is free and the fastest FREE route to gain followers and exposure.

And I have created a Instagram Done For You service for those that want to get out there on Instagram land and be seen, but either do not have the time to set it up theirself, or just doesn’t want to deal with the headache of it all.

And because my Instagram Done For You service is me doing all the work for you, the slots for this service is limited. To learn more about this service click here.

For more Instagram tips click here.

I would love to hear your comments and feedback below on any ah-ha moments or tips you implement that you have found to be beneficial.

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