Have you ever felt like you were called to do bigger things in life?

That was me nearly 6 years ago after I met the love of my life at a prayer conference. We were both in the ministry at the time. I was in Alabama working at an adolescent boarding school for girls with life-controlling issues, and my husband was attending bible college in Georgia. We dated for about a year, and then we decided to run off and get married. We were broke and in love, but we knew the Lord had a plan.

Here we were… newlyweds just moved to Florida and signed a lease on a 1 bedroom apartment, and then BAM! We found out we were expecting. It wasn’t part of the 5-year plan, but we made it work, and our son has been our biggest blessing – he changed the entire course of our lives for the best!

We had more bills than month, I was waitressing and pregnant, my husband was in school and working, and I was determined to find a way to work from home so I could be a stay at home mom. So, I began my entrepreneurial journey when my son was 5 weeks old because I knew more than anything, that I didn’t want to send him off to daycare to have someone else witness his first milestones. I wanted to find a way to be able to stay home with him, and I knew I still wanted to find a way to contribute to our household income. I just wasn’t quite sure what that looked like at the time.

As a new mom struggling with postpartum depression, I knew I needed to do something to give me that sense of purpose. I needed something outside of nursing, changing diapers and filling the role of motherhood. And although being a mother is one of the most significant roles anyone could ever be entrusted with, I needed to do something for me. I remember feeling like my life was over, and that all I was ever going to be was a “mom.”

More than anything, I needed a community. And that is what I found when I embarked into Social Marketing in the network marketing industry, and I found the freedom I yearned for our family.



We earned several trips (which allowed us to finally celebrate the honeymoon we were never able to have.)and we were able to travel countless places and we both earned luxury cars within the company as well. Our struggles and our perseverance was finally paying off!   



Then fast forward to 2017 when I began feeling a void inside. I had been in the network marketing industry for several years and I began feeling like what I had been doing in my network marketing business was not making the impact that I knew I alone, as an entrepreneur, could do. I knew that I was called to impact and help women entrepreneurs outside of network marketing as well, and I realized I was placing limitations on the impact I was called to make. I knew I was capable of helping women turn their passion into a profit while thriving in their God-given gifts and pursuing their calling. Yet, I knew I had to learn the roadmap first myself.


The entrepreneurial spirit within me yearned for a personal brand – but I needed a roadmap. And for the longest time, I was overwhelmed in not knowing where or how to start after making several attempts to get this going. What really shook me up and made me realize the significance in having a personal brand, transpired a few years ago. I had built up to a six-figure income with my network marketing organization and then my team crumbled in what seemed like overnight. It was extremely stressful, as I’m sure you can imagine. We still had bills that needed to be paid and going from a six-figure income to an organization crumbling, and then the stress of having to rebuild, it really made me realize having a personal brand is vital and a crucial part to success. I also began noticing that others in the network marketing profession were creating their own brand. It was during this period that I realized I needed to brand me and not just the company or products I represented.


As a result, I began investing in courses and digging in to find a roadmap for success. And I knew that if this was something I was struggling with, that there had to be other women who were as well. So, I found that my passion and purpose is coaching and mentoring women entrepreneurs and helping them find their voice and brand.


I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping as many women as I possibly can who have a vision or a burning desire to turn their passion into a profit. I work with women in network marketing who want to create a brand of their own while thriving in their passion and purpose along with business women who may not even be in the network marketing industry.  

Since then, I’ve worked with many private clients, spoken in front of countless groups. I lived my dream of having the opportunity to travel and meet new like-minded people, and I have created programs to help ladypreneurs find clarity and scale their business, accountability, overcoming self doubt/limiting beliefs/insecurities, a step by step formula to help bring clarity to you and your brand for launching your business, automation so that you can still have and enjoy a life, marketing strategies for attracting high paying clients, and more. Every woman entrepreneur struggling with clarity or feeling frozen in fear or uncertainty of their brand, or overwhelmed with trying to find a clear business strategy needs to apply to receive the breakthrough and guidance they deserve. And you can refer to this questionnaire and schedule a free 30 minute breakthrough call with me if these are some things you’re struggling with. 


My ultimate passion is helping ladypreneurs get clear on their brand and helping them thrive. Clarity is such a powerful thing and sometimes we just need the roadmap to success and a step by step formula to get to where we are trying to go. And my goal is to help lady bosses with just that!

It is great to meet you, friend! 

Let me know how I can add value to you and your business!

xoxo Ashley

Ashley Aylor

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