What is affiliate marketing?

This whole affiliate marketing thing may be a new term to you,ย and if so read on. If not, then you can skip on to the next section and hop on into the meat of this post where I will be sharing some of my favorite affiliate programs to join.

Basically, to sum it up easily, affiliate marketing is when you are granted the ability to advertise products & receive a small commission if anyone purchases through your affiliate links. It is actually pretty dang amazing when done the right way. And it really makes for the perfect way to make some passive income!

You can become an affiliate for nearly anything too. Think courses that you love that you’ve taken, Amazon, and even large retail stores that we are all familiar with!

But what I want to share with you today are the top affiliate programs that I have found that I love, that I feel works for any niche! And you can normally market on any platform! Just be sure to read each of the program’s policies and procedures.

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you sign up or make a purchase I will be compensated at no extra cost to you*

If you have yet to create a blog, here is a step by step for you.

First affiliate program – Ultimate Bundles

This affiliate program is one of my favorites! I love it because there is a bundle that works for any niche, and they are high-quality bundles that other content creators and bloggers have created and meshed together for affiliates to sell and earn 40% commission. And these bundles value at $1500 or more and then they offer them 97% off!

Ultimate bundles also really hook their affiliates up with training. So if you are completely new to affiliate sales, this program is invaluable due to the training that you receive along for signing up. And it is COMPLETELY FREE!

Ultimate Bundles provide their affiliates with banners, marketing strategies, social media graphics, and everything else that you can imagine to get out there and promote the bundles.

Some bundles are evergreen and some are only available for a certain timeframe, and they teach you how to create urgency to get your readers or even social media followers to buy.

You can also build a team and you will be paid off of the sales that your referred affiliates gather! Can you say PASSIVE INCOME?!ย 

To get started you can do so right here! And the process is super simple.

Personal Information

Additional Information

Second affiliate program – CreativeLive

CreativeLive is also a great affiliate program that you can market within any niche. CreativeLive is an online education platform. They have classes on everything that you can imagine for your audience. A few of the classes are:

  • Blogging classes
  • Photography classes
  • Social Media classes
  • Finance classes
  • Marketing and sales classes
  • Jewelry making classes
  • Music and audio classes

And the list goes on! So, as you can see, CreativeLive can work for any niche and some of their perks are:

  • 25% commission on new customer purchases
  • 10% commission on return customer purchases
  • $1 lead payout for every new member registration
  • 30-day tracking cookie
  • Large selection of text links and banners
  • Newsletters with program updates, promotions, contests and incentive opportunities
  • Dedicated affiliate management team

You can sign up here — Join the CreativeLive affiliate program today!

Third affiliate program – ShareAsale

ShareAsale is an affiliate marketing company where you can sign up to be an affiliate for hundreds of different merchants. ShareAsale basically hosts all of the different merchants that you can apply to join to become an affiliate market partner. It is very convenient and simple to join and it allows you to track your clicks, sales, etc! You can get started here!

Fourth affiliate program – MaxBounty

MaxBounty is Cost Per Action affiliate marketing network. MaxBounty allows marketers to become affiliates and pay you for sending traffic to vendors ads when action is taken. This is an easy way to earn yourself more passive income!ย You can see more details here!ย 

Fifth affiliate program – Amazon affiliates

Now this one I’m sure you have heard of. And it is super simple to sign up and get started. Plus, who doesn’t shop Amazon?!

The beauty of Amazon is that, if you direct someone to Amazon and even if they do not purchase the exact thing you recommend, you will still receive a commission just for the individual purchasing through your affiliate link. The cookies will also follow them around for 24 hours after clicking on your link.

It is easy to sign up for and you have endless products that you can find and recommend! You can google how to become an Amazon affiliate today and sign up for almost instant access!

Sixth affiliate program – Adsense

Adsense is amazing because if you already have a google account (Which most people do.) you can sign up for free!

What Google Adsense does is they take a piece of real estate on your blog and place ads on your site. But they are strategic ads that are suitable for each individual on your site. The ads that they place are related to the users prior searches or interests. So, as you can see, their click-through rate will be much higher. I love it because Adsense takes the work out of it for us… We couldn’t possibly know what the user was searching beforehand but Google does! ๐Ÿ™‚

Just Google how to become an affiliate and get going if you have a website setup to host the ads on. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you found value and learned new affiliate programs that you can join today!

I will be updating this list regularly with new affiliate programs that I love, use and think are great for any niche. To get notified each time I make an update or have any new recommendations, as well as get the latest tips for crushing your affiliate sales, sign up here!

And remember, the beauty of many of these is that you don’t have to necessarily have a blog or huge amount of page viewers to get approved. In fact, many affiliate programs allow you to get approved for just having a pretty good sized social following. ๐Ÿ™‚

Please leave your favorite affiliate programs below in the comments or your takeaways! I always love to hear what is working for you and what you’re loving!

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