Why should you batch create your content?


Do you ever wonder how content creators come up with ideas? Or how they get in the ebb and flow of creating content and delivering it consistently and sticking to a routine?

I know I used to stress about what the heck I was going to write about next. So, in this blog post I want to teach you the power of batch creating your content. And I will show you exactly how I batch create enough content to last me for an entire months worth of content. 

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First step to batch creating your content is doing proper research


I am going to go ahead and assume that you already have a niche, and that you already have clarity of who your audience is that you are speaking to. 

So, the first thing I always do is brainstorm and research. And because my mind is always turning, I likely already have a few ideas I have already thought of, and jotted down on my Evernote app or journal. And as you probably know, my niche is helping ladypreneurs get clarity on their brand, and sharing business and marketing strategies to help female entrepreneurs have a rocking business.

For the sake of example purposes, let’s say I am going to write a blog post and create a video on ‘How to be more productive as a network marketer?’  I would type that into google and see what common questions appear, or how Google populates that question with other suggestions. 

Pro tip: When you are typing something in Google and Google finishes your sentence and gives you suggestions, that is Google’s way of telling you that those are the most common questions people are searching for. So those questions would be great to create for your post titles, header titles, or other questions that you can answer within your blog post that is relevant to your blog post. 

Here are the two things I look for when I am doing my research for a topic. And as I mentioned, this is Google’s way of telling you what others are asking Google. 



I suggest doing this for a few different blog post ideas, and then taking 3-5 good headers for each blog post using this strategy. You can use this free batch creation printable located below for this task. 

Get your free batching content printable here

Stay organized with this monthly content creator printable.

Create your schedule for your content


This is a good time to evaluate your schedule and see when you can create each piece of content and what day you will have it released to your audience. It is important to stick to a weekly routine because your audience will know when to be looking out for your latest piece of content. And this is how you create loyal and engaged followers.

I personally like to release a new piece of content once a week at a minimum. And this is why batch creating is helpful because you are planning in advance, which allows you to stick to your schedule. And as a result, I am able to reduce stress. You can also find more ways to automate your business here to reduce stress.

If you have a hard time balancing house work, your side hustle, and just being productive and managing everything in general, then I highly suggest you checkout this productivity bundle. 

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Figure out your call to action or plan  

Here I suggest brainstorming what your intent is for writing your post, or creating your piece of content. Is it to grow your email list? Or to make some affiliate sales? Or maybe it is to direct people to join your community? 

Whatever your plan is, now is the time to prepare. And then you can begin working on creating your opt-in, or line your affiliate links up, or do whatever necessary to prepare you and gather a solid plan. 

I normally create my opt-ins or have a pretty good idea of what the intent is for my post upon beginning, so I will normally create them on the same day I go to make my post. Or I am using an opt-in that I already know converts well. If you don’t already have an email marketing platform that you use then I highly suggest ConvertKit. It is very user friendly and the best one that I have come across.

 This step is completely up to you on how you choose to execute it. 


Batch create your video’s, photo’s, etc.


The next thing I like to do after doing my research is deciding what day in advance I am going to batch create my video, photo’s, etc. 

Pro tip: The way I do this so quickly, is I delegate what tasks I can hand off to my virtual assistant. For me personally, I like to create my videos and then I will send them to my VA for editing. This is a task that would otherwise take me forever, so to free up my time and spare me the headache, I outsource it. You can find virtual assistants on upwork.com for literally $4-$5 an hour.

Outsourcing has been the best investment I ever made for my business. And by outsourcing, this allows me to focus on the things that I’m really good at and what I actually find to be enjoyable. 

 So, think about what you can outsource. Maybe for you it is having someone create your opt-in or printable. Or maybe you would prefer to hand off having to write your blog post. Whatever it is, I highly suggest trying it out.

Create a posting strategy


It is always good to have a plan for getting your content seen. I have personally used blogging groups on Facebook as a great way to support one another in driving traffic to my posts. Here is a list of ten Facebook groups for bloggers or business owners to join that I put together. 

Another strategy I use is Tailwind which has been a game changer! Prior to using Tailwind I was having to post manually and there was no possible way I could post at pique hours, and to every single group and tribe without this tool. You can use it for Instagram too! Here you can start your free trial.

You can always take all of your new blog posts and send out a broadcast to your email list. This is a great way to get content out to your list and a way of being in their inbox consistently.


I hope these simple tips were helpful for you in your content creation process. Batching content has been a life saver for me and it keeps the ball rolling in my business.

If you have any other tips to add or if you found value, I would love for you to share below in the contents.

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And for more productivity tips to crush it in your business you can checkout this blog post I recently created.

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