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 What is a Facebook watch party?

First I think it is important that I break down what a Facebook watch party even is. Basically what it is is a way to broadcast a live video again at a later time and it appears as if it is happening in live time again. It is a unique way to watch the video again in a group setting though. And you can interact with individuals as they are hopping on the watch party, and answer any questions they may have.

Why use Facebook watch parties?

Well, for one… Facebook loves it when you are utilizing their features. And it also helps you increase your algorithms because you are utilizing the features they are offering.

And of course, because it is an AMAZING feature to use when using them strategically.

Let’s dive in, shall we…

Use Facebook watch parties to target a different audience

One reason I really love using Facebook watch parties is because I always tend to record a live video on Facebook in the early part of my day. And during the day time, I am normally reaching stay at home moms, work from home moms, or maybe individuals that are on their lunch break, or watching in the cracks of their day. But when I take that same video and start a watch party in the evenings, then I am able to reach a different audience. Usually, it is the people that were busy working that day but are then winding down in the evenings, so they can catch the broadcast.

It makes a great way to really maximize your reach and get the most eyeballs as you possibly can on your content!


Use Facebook watch parties when you are having a mental block

I love using Facebook watch parties when I am just having ‘one of those days.’ You know the days when you are having, for lack of better words… A brain fart. Well, in these moments, I really appreciate this newer feature. And the fact that I can broadcast an old video when I am feeling unmotivated, uninspired, or just having a mental block, makes for a great way for keeping consistent content on my timeline!

Use Facebook watch parties to broadcast company or team promotions or incentives

I am not sure if your leaders or company ever do live promotions on Facebook, but if they do this is an excellent reason to start a Facebook watch party!

I usually broadcast their live after it has ended and will caption a catchy title and sometimes I will even write a promotion of my own in the broadcasts chat. Sometimes I will mention if anyone orders tonight or reaches out to me by a certain time, I will throw in a freebie of some kind, or a discount. And if you know anything about sales, or if you’ve been in for a while, then you realize the importance of using them to add urgency.


Use them to share in team or group pages

You can also use a Facebook watch party for team collaboration. Sometimes I will take a good training video I have seen from an influencer or if I find it highly valuable, and I will share it in one of my group pages. This can be a team page or even one of the other group pages that I manage. And it is a great way to chat with others and collaborate while watching the broadcast together.

You can answer questions as a whole and be interactive

Sometimes as you are broadcasting a Facebook watch party people will ask questions, and in the chat, you have the ability to answer their questions. I love this because it is addressing questions that other people may have had as well, or maybe not. But it is insightful for your viewers because it is educating them without them even having to be the ones to ask the questions.

You can get an idea of who your potential customers or business partners are

Another newer feature Facebook has added to their watch party feature is the ability to wave at every individual that hops on. And it shows you every single person that clicks to see the broadcast along with the amount of time they are watching it for! And I think it is a great feature because it allows you to see who your fans are! You can then take a screenshot of these people or keep it written in a journal to reach out to them and say hey and ask them if they were just on to show support or if they are interested in learning more!

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And there you have it! Now you can go out there and crush your business using Facebook watch parties.

I hope this post added value to your business. Please comment below any takeaways you received or your favorite ways in utilizing Facebook watch parties.

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