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3 Fast and easy ways to organize your kitchen

Have you been looking for simple ways to organize your kitchen? I know that as a busy mom, entrepreneur and wife (especially being a stay at home mom at that). I need things to be in order, which helps me to feel centered and like I can at least keep one thing from falling part, ha! But I also love keeping things as simple as possible and I am always looking for the cheapest and easiest way to keep my house organized.  Things can be chaotic enough as it is, so by keeping things in order from the start, helps make our lives so much easier down the road. You will love how simple and cheap these hacks are!


1. Use under shelf basket

Before and after the under shelf basket


Wow oh wow, how I love these! They are inexpensive and can be used to organize multiple things in your kitchen. This changed my tupperware game completely. I was sick and tired of digging forever for lids and I knew there had to be a simple solution to give my cabinet more order. These are also ideal for smaller spaces or kitchens and for storing other things like your trash bags, aluminum foil, etc. You can find these under the shelf baskets here.

2. Use tension rods for hanging or as additional shelves

These tension rods are so clever! You can use them to hang your cleaning bottles on or even make them into shelves to hold your seasonings on. I love these because I prefer to avoid drilling holes if I can, and these can always be taken down or moved easily if need be. You can get the tension rods here.


3. Use containers for your medicine

I have this one on the list because I keep my medicine in the kitchen up high in a cabinet and this hack is useful regardless of where it is that you keep yours stashed. I used cheap plastic containers and labeled them. This is great because it means less digging for me when we need something and I am able to keep a lot of space freed up from not having medicine bottles everywhere. Now our medicine takes up a quarter of our cabinet space verses the entire space, like it did before putting it in the bins. You can find the bins here.

Before and after



What products or orginization tips do you have for keeping a clean kitchen?

I hope these 3 orginization hacks have helped! You can easily do all of the above in less than an hours time. And then you have a clean and tidy kitchen moving forward! I would love to hear any other hacks that you’ve done to help keep yours organized along with any feedback you have! 🙂 Happy organizing!

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