How to use this free Facebook tool to find prospects that want what you have and can afford actually afford it

This free Facebook tool has been a game changer for my business. Not only is it free and easy to you use but it saves you so much time from having to guess who is interested in what you have or offer, and it immediately pre-qualifies them.

In this training episode I am going to be covering how to do proper market research on Facebook and how to funnel your prospects in properly and effectively.

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Why is it important to do market research?

This is important because you can prospect all the wrong people and work overtime because you are simply reaching out to the people who aren’t interested in what you have or who do not need it.

When you do proper market research then you are saving yourself time and you can build your team and grow your customers and clientele faster and by a higher number simply because you did you research firsthand to see who actually wants what you have.

How do you do market research on Facebook?

There is this free tool that you can use called audience insights. Now, in order to use it you will need a Facebook business page. Even if you choose you do not choose to use the Facebook page to market from, you still need it to use this feature.

Setting up a Facebook is free and simple. If you do not have one then you can hop on over to YouTube and figure out how to set on up in less than ten minutes.

When you are on audience insights first you will click page likes and then begin typing in your ideal client or teammates demographic.

  • What is their age range?
  • Are they male or female or both?
  • Do you live in the US or only want to target those in the US?
  • What kind of influencers do they follow?
  • What kind of products do they use?

Utilize this tool to input all of the information you can to target where your ideal clients are hanging out on Facebook. Then I want you to like these pages, scroll on them and leave a genuine comment under the peoples comment that you are wanting to target.

Then I want you to message them. If you are uncertain what to message them then Grab my free prospecting scripts here to work as a guide for you!

I suggest leaving your comment and messaging them from your business page if this is something you actively use. Otherwise if you are primarily using your personal page then do so from that profile.

By commenting on other peoples comments on those pages posts, you are passively prospecting them. The individuals comments that you comment on will most likely go back to your page to scope you out. So if you need to do some cleaning up on your profile then I suggest you do so.

If you are spamming, constantly posting your products or services and you don’t offer any value on your page, then they most likely will not be attracted to you to follow you.

Connect and offer value

Now this is a pro tip. When your connect with your new potential prospect I don’t want you immediately going in for the pitch. I want you to create some sort of free offer that you can offer them to add value to them.

If your niche is weight loss and you’re with a weight loss company that has supplements then you can consider a free guide that goes over the top 5 foods or things you can do to burn belly fat.

And then when you connect with this new individual I want you to offer them your freebie as a genuine gift from you. But in order for them to get it they will register for the freebie by signing up to be on your email list. If you do not already have an email list setup then I suggest ConvertKit  It is affordable and very user friendly. And it is the email software many influencers use.

Why have an email list?

It is important to have an email list because you own that. Social media platforms are great for funneling people through and gathering leads but you want a place where you can continue the relationship and drip new content on them.

Then after offering a ton of value you related to your niche, you can offer them your products, services or opportunity. It is almost expected after you have offered so much good free content.

And this positions you as the expert and gives you instant authority. Your potentials will quickly realize that you are serious and you are a professional because you are operating like the professionals do.

Did you find value?

I hope that you found value in this and that this free tool helps you completely crush your business! Let me below by leaving a comment any take-aways you received from this as well as any other tips that have helped you crush it in your business!

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