So how do you hit the top of your network marketing business fast?

I get asked this question all the time. “Hey Ashley, so how in the world did you grow in your company so fast?” So in today’s episode, that is exactly what I cover. I tell you the 4 things I personally believe brought me to the top ranks in my company so quickly.

But, first let me paint a little picture for you. I have been in this industry for over 6 years and my growth in this industry has not always happened quickly. The results and success people see from me today has been being built for over 6 years.

Over 6 years of growing my network, over 6 years of putting myself out there, over 6 years of failing forward.

My point is, is never compare your journey to someone else’s. Because yes, it may look like someone has grown really fast, but you never know their background. Their success is most likely years and years of hard work and building up a name for theirselves.

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And then for all my readers… Here are my 4 top tips for how to hit the top of your network marketing business FAST.

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1. In order to hit the top of your network marketing business fast you need to go on a 90 day run.

Now I am sure you are like… “Ok, and that is?” Haha, let me explain. A 90 day run is where you get laser focused on your goals and you time compress. Meaning, what you know you can normally do in 30 days, do it in 2 weeks. Or what you can normally do in 60 days, do in 30 days. And follow through with time compressing over the course of the next 90 days.

Now I am completely aware that this is something that you cannot do for long-term because it will lead to burnout and the whole purpose of getting into this business is for time freedom, right? Well, duh. BUT, you also got into it for financial freedom as well, I am sure. And in order to have the best of both worlds, that means you will have to sacrifice at the fore-front a bit.

So, having conversations with your spouse or children is a must. Be clear and upfront with them that you are going to be super busy over the next 90 days. Let them know that there may be nights you don’t go out and hit the town with them so you can stay back and work. And remember, it is only temporary so that you can have the lifestyle you deserve.

2. Establish your teams goals

This one is a huge one. One thing that I do is I check in with my team at the beginning of the month and I ask them what their goals are. Then again at the middle of the month to reevaluate where they are from the goal they set at the beginning of the month, and then I check in with them again the last week of the month. Here is another training I did on how to achieve your monthly goals.

By knowing your teams goals, you can better help them and serve them. But you are also able to get a better idea of where you could possibly end the month collectively as a team because you know which teammates are running with you. So get crystal clear on what your teams goals are.

Not sure what the heck you and your team need to be doing on a daily basis to grow your business and stay focused? Grab my top 10 money producing activities checklist here where I break it down!

3. Ask for referrals to hit the top of your network marketing business fast

You may have heard it before, and it is very true… Your network is your net worth.

If you aren’t growing your network on a daily basis then you aren’t going to grow your business. If your vision and goal is to hit the top of the compensation plan, then you have got to be growing your network and making new connections daily.

I love to teach my team to always ask for referrals. If someone who you are talking to isn’t interested in looking at your opportunity or using your products then never leave the conversation at that. Always ask them if they know anyone that they can put you in touch with who might be interested. The worst they can say is no. And at least then when they do know someone looking for additional income, you will be top of mind.

4. Attraction and curiosity marketing

Gone are the days of sending copy and paste messages or posting “join my team.” pictures and posts on social media.

There are a lot of social sellers in the online space so you need to think… What sets me apart? What makes me different? And in your own unique way show up. Show up to offer value and create curiosity around your business opportunity or products. If you create enough value for your followers then they expect you to ask for the sale. Here is an amazing book that goes over how to do this properly to beat the competition and how to stand out on social media. And in my video I give some really good examples that you can checkout too.

The whole purpose of creating a post is to get people in your inbox asking you what that thing is that you are posting about and asking you for more info. If you are putting the name of the products, website out there, etc. then they have no reason to come to you. And that sucks for 2 reasons. One reason is because then you never have any way of knowing they were ever interested. And the second reason being, they can go directly to Google and you can lose that sale entirely.

 How did these tips help you?

What will you be implementing from these 4 tips? I would love for you to hit that comment button below and tell me what you will be applying into your business to continue moving the needle forward.

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