Instagram Done For You

As busy entrepreneurs, we all know the importance of freeing up time, since time is money.

You either don’t have enough time to master creating your Instagram and learning all the ins and outs, or you get overwhelmed and aren’t very tech savvy, or maybe you don’t feel like you are up to the trends and don’t understand all that #hashtag-y stuff. So…

To save you the headache of feeling overwhelmed or like you have to know and master everything, I have created Instagram Done For You service.

After having built several Instagram’s myself from 0 to thousands since 2014, I have learned how to leverage it to stand out and build my brand, while establishing myself as an authority and catapulting my sales in return.

With Instagram being the big hype right now, NOW, more than ever, is the time to get yourself established while you can grow an organic following of HUNDREDS per day FOR FREE (with my knowledge and expertise.) to attract high quality leads and prospects.

  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche
  • Brand yourself
  • Gain a huge authentic following
  • Become an influencer
  • Leverage your business
  • Generate high quality leads and prospects
  • Showcase your brand, services, or products
  • Create a passive income (while you sleep!)
  • Automate your business

When you have an online presence and automation, you can delegate your time and business activities accordingly, without the pressure of constantly feeling the need to babysit your social media platforms.

Just imagine waking up each morning, like myself, to hundreds of new followers and prospects DMing (direct messaging.) you, and sales flooding in over night while you sleep.

And having an online presence is the way this happens. Without an online presence, there is no leverage in a world where social media and online is the place to be. Being online gives you the ability to reach thousands upon thousands with just ONE POST verses belly to belly marketing where one message reaches just that… One person.

So… Who is Instagram Done For You service for?

Instagram Done For You is for anyone that is seriously wanting to establish theirself in the online space. This can be…

  • Realtors
  • Fittness trainers
  • Network Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Authors
  • Healers
  • Mompreneurs

And that is just to name a few….

Many Instagram gurus set you up within a Microsoft (AKA robot.) that is not genuinely targeting your ideal following. And in many cases, because it isn’t a genuine person with a genuine touch a feel, your followers many times are either a.) A robot/fake account or b.) Not even your ideal client/follower.

And because I am taking the time to build an organic following for you through doing my due diligence to research very niched down #hashtags that coincide within your brand, to target your ideal client, I strive to find you the most genuine, high quality followers and leads on the Instagram platform.

And because I take my time to grow you an organic following and setup your Instagram professionally without any ‘robots’, I have a very limited space for taking on new clients each month.

  1. Brand Consultation – One on one call where we will discuss your goals and get crystal clear on your brand.
  2. Complete Instagram setup or revamp – We will setup a captivating bio, linking, highlights, etc.
  3. Automation – We will setup an automated message to go out to all of your new or existing followers.
  4. #Hashtags – You will be provided with very niched down and direct #hashtags to use to grow your following and grow and establish your brand.
  5. Mentor you on your branding needs – We will coach you on your branding needs and how to attract and market to your ideal audience.
  6. Highlights – We will create your highlights in your profile for you that suits your brand and goals.
  7. Linking – We will setup your link/s depending on what you are wanting to drive traffic to.
  8. Apps – You will receive a list of the apps I use to create high quality and appealing graphics and fonts.
  9. Instagram basics – We will mentor you the basics of running your Instagram and how to continue to growing it.
  10. Content creation – I will be your personal mentor in teaching you the proper posts for attracting a following.
  11. Support – You will have my professional and knowledgeable support team to assist you for a smooth experience.
  12. Followers – I will help you acquire your first 2,000 followers.
  13. Personal graphics – I will provide you with 25 personal graphics to help set you up with professional Instagram images.

Generally this kind of service would cost thousands, but because I have limited spots her month, we are able to do this for you at a much affordable price.

  • 30 minute consultation ($297 value)
  • Complete Instagram setup ($197 value)
  • 25 graphics/quotes ($297 value)
  • Customized highlights in profile ($97 value)
  • Auto responder setup ($97 value)
  • Hashtag market research ($199 value)
  • Compelling Bio ($97 value)
  • 2k authentic followers ($997 value)

(Total value $2,278)

(You save $1,881)

We are excited to offer you this promo so you can begin marketing professionally and attracting more quality leads and followers.

Ashley Aylor

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