What are Pinterest group boards?

Pinterest group boards are basically what private Facebook groups are, only on a different platform. And they work great to drive traffic to your posts, increase your engagement and your followers. But, the way that the algorithms are set up now is that you need to be finding the RIGHT group boards that are relevant to your content for them to work.

In this post, I am going to teach you how to find the best group boards, how to join them, and how to drive traffic to your posts using them!

Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Finding Pinterest group boards

The very first thing you need to do is go up to your search bar on Pinterest and search for keywords that are relevant to your niche. You can also search for specific people if you already know who your competitors are within your niche.

Once you are on their profile, you will click on the board’s tab and then you are going to want to scroll until you see boards with multiple members pictured in the photo icon. (As shown below.) This is how you are able to identify a group board from a personal board.

Ashley Aylor

Then after you have found the group boards you will begin clicking on them one by one. And there are a few things you are looking for. The first few things are:

  1. Does the board say CLOSED to contributors?
  2. Does the board have a lot of followers? (Because obviously if it isn’t many there will be less interaction.)
  3. Does the board appear to be active?

Ashley Aylor

This is a good board that I would be interested in joining because it aligns with my niche, it has 28,789k followers, and 42 members that contribute to the board. This appears to be a strong board and the more followers, the better. Why? Well because that means more people to see your content as you join boards with a high amount of followers.

Pro Tip: This isn’t a locked in rule BUT if you can find boards with anywhere from 10-100 members that contribute to the board that is normally a good ratio. The reason being is because, anything under that is normally dead or lacking interaction, and anything over that can have a tendency to get too crowded and content gets lost. Now you can absolutely still join boards outside of this ratio, but that is what I have learned from Angie Gensler who is the Pinterest pro. I suggest checking out her course if you really want to explode your traffic!

Step 2 – Joining Pinterest group boards

Here is where you will want to begin messaging or emailing the boards admin. Above in the picture that I shared, as you can see their description is vague. It doesn’t say whether it is open to contributors or not.

So, what I do in this unique situation is I message the admin and ask them if it is open for contribution.

How do you find the admin? Simple. Click on the member’s section where you see the circles, and the very top person is the board’s admin.

Ashley Aylor

Otherwise, what you may see when you go to a group board are detailed instructions. It will tell you who to email, the rules, what the board content is about and you will have to follow both the board itself and the admin of the board for approval. Get the exact scripts I use here to increase your approval rate!



Step 3 – Getting your content posted within the Pinterest group boards



okay, so getting accepted can take a few days, or sometimes even weeks. But once you’ve been invited to contribute to the boards you’ve requested to join, you can begin pinning your content on them! How exciting is that?! I personally have found that I get a lot more eyeballs on my content when I automate my pins to be scheduled automatically and looped, so I use the Tailwind app which you can join for free here.ย This has been a game changer for me because I don’t have to study peak hours to post, because Tailwind posts for me at peak hours. And it protects me from being locked out or flagged on Pinterest because Tailwind follows Pinterest’s guidelines and has been approved by Pinterest. And that gives me ease of mind.



What should you post on Pinterest group boards?



As I suggested earlier, you will want to find group boards that are relevant to your niche. Sometimes you will run across boards where they are open for any and all content. I have heard positive feedback about them if they are active. But with the latest algorithm talk and mentions, I’ve heard that they are really cracking down on that. So, I am personally really honing in on sticking to boards within my niche. I won’t lie, it is a tedious process. I am in a lot of group boards and it takes time. So be intentional and set some time aside to really dig and sort through on Pinterest to find group boards that you can request to become a contributor for.



How can Pinterest group boards have such an impact on your traffic?



This is simple! As I showed you earlier, when you become a contributor for group boards, you are then not only getting your content in front of your personal followers eyes, but in front of all the followers and contributors of the group boards! That is huge!ย  Joining group boards has been a game changer from me. And the majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest alone! And up until recently before I began promoting pins, it has been completely free. And I don’t mind the investment in promoting my pins because it is way less expensive and easier to learn and master compared to Facebook ads.



Needing additional guidance for setting up your Pinterest to drive traffic?



I have put together a free pinterest course to help you with the fundamentals of setting up your Pinterest account properly, to help drive traffic to your content, and get you more reach that you can get started with here!

I hope this step by step helped, and I would love to hear your feedback and results after you implement my strategies and my put my scripts to use! Be sure to get them ๐Ÿ™‚

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