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Time Saving Tips For Staying On Top Of Laundry As a Busy Mom

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay on top of the laundry without feeling like you are a swimming in underwear? I know life is crazy enough being a mom and a housewife while trying to manage all the other demands of this thing called life. And it can be so easy to let things go undone. Like the dreaded task of laundry. And if you are anything like me, allowing laundry to pile up just adds to the feeling of overwhelm. Along with all of the other responsibilties on my plate from managing a home base business, a blog, trying to keep my cup filled along with trying to throw in some self-care, while trying to stay semi-fit, and cooking (I try my best anyways, lol!), along with trying to keep my son on a well balanced diet… These laundry hacks have helped our family, so I wanted to share them with you!


How do you keep your laundry up?

Some people find that they prefer to do their laundry on one set day, but for me, I like to do it a little at a time throughout the week. I find that doing it this way keeps things from getting out of hand.

Also keeping it organized from the start saves time and the hassle of sorting when it is time to throw a load in the washer. I have found this divided hamper here that helps my family separate the whites, darks, and lights so I can easily grab and throw a load in that is already separated.

Eliminating the need for folding certain items is also a huge time saver. I stick to mostly hanging up everything outside of jeans, athletic wear or underwear and PJ’s of course. And this is a great hanging organizer for behind the closet door or behind whichever door you decide that works well for you. It is great for holding the items you don’t want to fold, and helps make it super fast to put away.


How can you save energy while doing laundry?

Air drying your clothes when possible is a great way to save energy as well as washing your loads with cold water. Most of my laundry is washed on cold outside of towels and our bedding. And this also helps keep your clothes from fading and wearing as quickly.

Another suggestion is washing your clothes in the morning or in the evening depending on if your electric company charges less when it isn’t during peak hours. That is something you will need to check with them.


How to sort laundry.

As I mentioned earlier, I do separate loads for towels, rags, and bedding which I wash on hot.

Whites and tans, I wash on normal/cold.

Reds, pinks, and purples, I wash on normal/cold.

Blues and greens, I wash on normal/cold.

Jeans, greys, and blacks, I wash on normal/cold.

I love ridding my house from toxins any chance that I get and I find that this laundry detergent smells amazing and helps with tough stains while also keeping the colors from fading! I also suggest this fabric softener which pairs well with the detergent. They are both affordable and concentrated so they last for a good while. And you can also get a $10 discount on your first purchase by using these links and adding it to your cart as a one time purchase!



Practical ways preschoolers can help with laundry

I believe in teaching our kiddos chores and other practical responsibilties while they are young. It may slow down the process at first or be easier at times to just do it yourself but you will thank yourself down the line. And so will their future spouse, LOL!

Some simple ways your preschooler can help with laundry is:

  • Throwing the clothes in the washing machine and showing them the amount of detergent to put in with it. (One way of doing this is getting a water bottle and drawing lines on the bottle marking how much to pour in for each load.) Then assisting them with turning on the machine.
  • Having your preschooler help you with putting the clothes in the dryer.
  • Having your preschooler put his own clothes away in their designated places. (That is in reach for them of course.)
  • Learning to put the clothes in the appropriate hampers to keep clothes individually sorted.

Then when they are old enough they can begin folding and hanging up their clothes on their own and that can be one of their chores.


How much does it cost to have someone do your laundry

Maybe you just have way too much on your plate and hiring someone to do your laundry for you is a more practical option. These services can vary depending on your location but on average the price is .90-$3 per pound of laundry. Then individual items for dry cleaning and other services start at about $5. You can find these services along with many others at care.com


What products or advice do you have for staying on top of your laundry?

These are just a few things that I find really works well for our family. These hacks may or may not be useful for yours but I would love to hear any feedback or ideas you can add! I love learning new hacks and I’m sure everyone else will, too! 🙂


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