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These tips will make you a more productive entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered why so many entrepreneurs seem to have it all together? Or maybe you wonder how they manage to stay organized or manage to balance their business around parenting, being a wife, working, or managing a full-time job?

Well, in today’s Facebook live I discussed EXACTLY how you can be more productive immediately starting with these tips today. You can view the replay below.

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Productivity tip # 1 – Work from a calendar, not a to-do list

It has been found that over 40% of the items listed on your to-do list, go unfinished. But when you are dedicated to staying organized committed to organizing your tasks, appointments, etc. with a calendar you are more likely to commit to them.

Not only will you be more organized, but you’re holding yourself accountable when you know you have others counting on you because you’ve set appointments in place.

Some of my favorite ways of keeping an organizedĀ schedule are with these tools below.

MyBeeHyve has been an incredible tool for scheduling, setting goals, keeping track of leads and prospects, etc. But it is specifically designed by network marketers and is best if you are using it as a network marketer yourself.

Acuity is another amazing tool I use. You can sync it to any calendar you would like and it works great for your clients to schedule with you around your calendar schedule.

And for more great resources and tools and to learn how you can further automate your business, you can check out this blog post I created.

Productivity tip # 2 – 15-minute time blocking

Here is the thing, you have got to prioritize your business if you want it to grow. And being your own boss can be a blessing and a curse. The blessing is, you have flexibility and freedom to create your own hours. And the curse can sometimes be lack of motivation, lack of discipline or maybe even guidance to keep you on a disciplined routine.

One thing all successful people are doing is allotting time to work and get their IPA’s accomplished without distraction. What is an IPA you may be asking? IPA – Income producing activities.

It is an absolute must that you are creating several 15-minute time blocks throughout your calendar each and every day.

IPA’s ideas for you may be:

  • Following up with customers, teammates, prospects
  • Actively prospecting
  • Getting on the phone with my potentials
  • Creating new content

Productivity tip # 3 – Cut to the chase

Now I am a very type A personality and I like things to be black and white, and I like to get straight to the point. And I know a common fear I hear a lot from my clients and teammates is not wanting to be too pushy. But here is the deal, would you rather spend 15 minutes of time blocking with 1-2 people or would you rather it be straight-forward and have the ability to chat with the masses?

The reality is, this is a numbers game. And I always say choose wisely, and really evaluate the person you’re prospecting. And if you really want to blow your business up, then you want to sort through the numbers quickly. This doesn’t mean building rapport with someone for the entire 15 minutes, to awkwardly get nowhere. And to never reach the pivotal moment of getting them to see if they are open, or to see your presentation.

I know how scary it can be reaching out to people and prospecting because of the fear of rejection, being pushy, being too sales-y, or whatever other made up fear you have made up in your head. So, I have created a free download just for you of my favorite open-ended, rejection-free approach scripts to help you really sort through the numbers quickly, and cut to the chase that you can access here. šŸ™‚

Productivity tip # 4 – Get the task done the first time

How many times do you open a piece of mail, an email, etc. and put it on the back burner? I know this is something I am working on improving each and every day.

But successful people say that they complete the task as soon as it is brought to their attention. As soon as they see that email, they take a few minutes to send a reply. Or as soon as that mail comes, they take the extra minute to read it at that moment. This is something so small, yet so big. And it breaks that vicious cycle of pile up and procrastination.

Productivity tip # 5 – Learn to say no in business

Learning to say no shouldn’t be as hard as we make it. But why do we hate having to tell others no? People pleasing? Fear of missing out? Not wanting to disappoint others? Or maybe because you are an overachiever? I’m not sure which one of these resonates with you, but I know that it is a common struggle.

One thing successful entrepreneurs are good at doing is deciphering what to say no to. I have read that if it isn’t a HECK YES moment or opportunity, then it should be a no. Getting good at saying no when necessary, is crucial to your success. Otherwise, you may be running the risk of burnout and a list or calendar that never ends. And we both know that we cannot perform at our best in that state.

Productivity tip # 6 – Sticking to your morning ritual

Every successful person I have ever met or come across has a morning routine that they stick to. Whether that is waking up a couple of hours early to workout, pray, do your devotionals, meditate, do self-development, etc. it is crucial.

I know for me personally, if I sway from my morning routine then my entire day is off track. I feel the best in the morning, I am clear-headed, energized and I like to get all of my IPA’s accomplished, and then I move on to my other responsibilities like errands and such late morning, or early afternoon. But I am pretty much done with the bulk of my work in the early morning.

But every person’s morning ritual is different. It may take time to get in your groove but I promise you, you will be much more productive once you find it. These two books are amazing for overcoming procrastination and for establishing and creating a morning ritual.Ā Eat That FrogĀ & The Miracle Morning

And there you have it!

These are the top tips every successful entrepreneur is implementing consistently to be more productive. I hope this helped and please feel free to leave a comment below of any tips, tricks, or takeaways you received from this!

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